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How to retrieve the Item-ID from a File-ID [VC UG]

Below is a user case scenario from a customer that needs to retrieve the Item-ID.


"Our movies are moved and automatically imported. I can find out the File-ID with "http://localhost:8080/API/storage/VX-2/file/byURI;",but i need the ITEM-ID to fetch out the thumbnails/posters. How can I do that if I have only the FILE-ID?"


To get different file details, you can use the "includeitem" parameter, see below;

 GET {storage-resource}/file;includeItem=true 

Your outcome will be a list of all files with their specific file details.

The item id will be in the response, if the item belongs to an item. Example:


There are more values you can use in the link below;{storage-resource}-file

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