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Accessing VidiEditor [VE UG]

Getting Started with VidiEditor

Users who have been granted access for VidiEditor usage in VidiCore can login (see Adding Users for VidiEditor [VE OG]). Just enter the customer's individual html address in Google's Chrome browser. Login with your personal user and password and start your project.

Please note that when using the Vidinet version of VidiEditor, and the VidiEditor address (URL) is not known; it can be easily found in Vidinet under My Services → VidiEditor:

A walkthrough of VidiEditor being initiated can be seen in following video for the VidiNet version: Tutorial: Find and Use.

Concurrent user limitation

The usage of VidiEditor is limited to a fixed amount of concurrent user sessions. In case the maximum number of allowed sessions is reached, the user will be unable to login and gets meaningful error message. The user will be able to login again after a new session is made free. This can be achieved when:

  • Another user uses the logout functionality of VidiEditor

  • Another user is inactive for more then 1 hour

  • An admin uses the Vidispine API to clear active user sessions. This can lead to the scenario in which users are kicked out of the application without warnin (see: Adding Users for VidiEditor [VE OG]).

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