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VidiControl Release Notes [VCon RN]

Please note that this is the initial release for VidiControl. The items listed on this page offer an overview of the functions provided by VidiControl.

Bugs fixes, Breaking Changes and newly introduced features or behavioral changes will be included in subsequent release notes.


Release 22.4

General and Functional Overview

Vidispine’ s VidiControl is a fully automated web-based planning ingest tool for Vidispine products designed to import various video streams/feeds from different sources into VidiCore or other systems. VidiControl offers the possibility to comfortably create and maintain recordings and to manage recording ports. Within the interface, it is possible to create and save user views in addition to carrying out various configuration options (selection of language, time code, view).

  • VidiControl is format independent, works with SD or HD in all frame rates.

  • Parallel generation of LoRes videos (with backend module)

  • Access and process files while recording (‘Edit-while-recording’)

  • VidiControl is able to control EVS and Quantel video servers, further video servers will be supported in near future.

  • Schedule recording jobs at any time or execute ad-hoc recordings.

  • Intuitive drag and drop during operations for job handling: extend, shorten or move the recording.

  • Customizable views and resource groups for monitoring and managing jobs.

  • Manage recording and source ports in groups and views.

Crash Record

VidiControl enables the creation of a crash record on a selected router In-Port. The recording can begin immediately, after which its specification and duration (up until the default duration’s completion) can be adjusted.

Create a Crash Recording [VCon UG]

Planned Recordings

Through VidiControl’s interface, users are able create and specify recordings on a timeline by creating booking components. Extending or shortening booking component element, and the respective recording, can be done directly on the timeline. A booking component element’s offers a booking details dialog (context menu option) in which parameters can be specified or some of which adjusted when a recording is already in progress.

Create a New Booking [VCon UG]

Device Pool Recordings

When specifying a booking, the user can select a pool of recording ports as a destination. The system will then determine the best recording port and use it to record.

Monitor Recordings via VidiControl’s Views

VidiControl’s streamlined approach to monitoring recordings is based on an intuitive timeline coupled with the possibility to narrow down on which elements one wants to focus. The user can scroll or jump to a specific date/time - allowing them to easily navigate along the timeline. Additionally, users can zoom in and out of the timeline to hone-in on specific elements.

Area: Timeline [VCon UG]

While remaining on the timeline, recordings on the timeline can be shortened or extended or even repositioned by dragging the respective element.

Modify a Booking Component on the Timeline [VCon UG]

Notifications and Visual Indicators

System messages are shown to the user. The state of recordings and corresponding messages are color coded.

Area: Notifications [VCon UG]

Router control

The system can control any router that is capable of the SW-P-08 protocol.

Video server control

The system can control GrassValley sQ 1200 recorders, with DirectConnect version 2.6.21 and higher.

Please note that only the REST API is supported. CORBA support is not available.

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