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Global Keyboard Shortcuts [VE UG]

Global keyboard shortcuts are shortcuts that can be executed always when being active in the VidiEditor web page. Those keyboard shortcuts act in the same way independently from what main focus area is selected. If no main focus area is selected, the global keyboard shortcuts are not executable and it is required to set the focus to the VidiEditor web page while selecting at least one main focus area.

Following global keyboard shortcuts are available in VidiEditor:



Alt + 1

Set focus to main area “Media Management” area

Alt + 2

Set focus to main area “Source Player”

Alt + 3

Set focus to main area “Timeline Player”

Alt + 4

Set focus to main area “Timeline”

Shift + Page up / down

Tab forward / backward (Media Mgmt <-> Source <-> Timeline)

Alt + Arrow down

Navigate down the cuts in timeline

Alt + Arrow up

Navigate up the cuts in timeline

. (dot)

Toggle move / overwrite mode

Alt + i

Open Keyboard Shortcut Overview

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