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Keyboard Shortcuts [VE UG]

VidiEditor offers users a variety of keyboard shortcuts designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the effort of an editor's workflow. Clicking on the information icon will make all of the available keyboard shortcuts visible directly in the GUI to support the user finding and learning the available keyboard shortcuts.

The VidiEditor consists of 4 main focus areas. Those are namely:

  • The Media Management Area

  • Source Player

  • Timeline Player

  • Timeline

Depending on the focus chosen by the user different keyboard shortcuts are available that will be explained in following sections:

Apart from the aforementioned four main areas, there are also some global keyboard shortcuts which can always be used in the application regardless of which focus area is currently selected at the time.

To select a main focus area simply do a mouse left click on the main focus area or use the global keyboard shortcuts for switching the main focus area (see Global Keyboard Shortcuts [VE UG]). The active focus of the main area is displayed using a thin blue border around the main focus area. The border instantly switches when changing from one focus area to another.

Main Focus areas in VidiEditor with focus on Media Management area

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