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VidiEditor 22.1 Release Notes [VE RN]

The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.

Release 22.1.83

Dependencies and Components

Dependencies with Products and Services







Hide Timeline Tracks

It is possible now for the user to hide existing tracks of the timeline to lower the space needed on screen.

Adjust timeline view and hide tracks [VE UG]

Drag and Drop Media from Source to Timeline

Users can now add media to timeline from source player witch drag and drop interaction moving the player picture to the timeline track. This respects the set in / out marker.

Add Media into the Timeline [VE UG]

Set start Timecode Offset

It is now possible to define a start timecode offset for the timeline by either the user or as an application-wide default. This allows one to use a different start timecode for the timeline edit that is also reflected when publishing if the output video format supports it.

Start Timecode Offset [VE UG]

Timeline Configuration Parameters [VE OG]

Video effects (Enterprise Version)

Users can now use effects on video and still image segments to change the scale, rotation, position and opacity of a segment. The feature must be enabled via configuration.

Video Effects [VE OG]

Media Interactions in the Project Bin [VE UG]

Mobile Aspect Ratios Videos as source content

It is now possible to mix different kinds of video aspect ratios on one timeline. For example, when producing a classical 16:9 production and one can now have it enriched with video files from mobile phones that might be in 9:16 or 1:1 aspect ratio.

Supported Proxy Video Format [VE OG]

Supported Proxy Video Format (Enterprise) [VE OG]

Mobile Aspect ratio videos as source content [VE UG]

Animated Graphics (Enterprise Version)

This feature allows one to use motion graphics designed in a Lottie-compatible format. Having these motion graphics configured into the system, allows the user to add them to the timeline and adjust parameters such as as text, color or even give them the ability to hide individual layers. Using an independent render service (needed separately) ensures that the motion graphics rendered when publishing the timeline.

Animated Graphics [VE UG]

Animated Graphics [VE OG]

Timeline Playback using Hardware Acceleration (Enterprise Version)

The streaming backend now allows for the usage of hardware acceleration if the server hosting VidiStream has suitable hardware available. This enables features which require higher computation speed such as the usage of high resolution proxy files and the possibility of using video effects.

Supported Proxy Video Format (Enterprise) [VE OG]

VidiEditor now supports a deep link based on an item ID. This enables a joint workflow. An example of such a workflow would be open an item from MediaPortal in VidiEditor to enrich it to an existing or new project.

Deeplink support [VE OG]

Optimization of Timeline Saving

The timeline save indicator displays the last saved timestamp now when hovered over. A keyboard shortcut has been added to manually save the timeline.

Timeline saving [VE UG]

Timeline Zoom via Keyboard Shorcut

It is now possible to zoom the timeline via a keyboard shortcut.

Timeline Shortcuts [VE UG]

Breadcrumb navigation on long navigation

A user can click on the breadcrumb navigation of the project bin to see all navigation layers. This works even if the naming and amount of layers extends the screen size.

Collections in the Project Bin [VE UG]

Extended Keyboard Shortcut navigation

It is now possible to focus on an area using keyboard shortcuts. This allows extended keyboard navigation starting from the landing page to the media management, controlling the players, dedicated timeline options, as well as navigating easily through modal dialogues.

Keyboard Shortcuts [VE UG]





Cut: When Ctrl+X cut the segment from timeline, timeline player do not update


New Project: Switch Project message optimization


Shortcut Redesign: Copy / Paste Effects using Ctrl + Shift + C/V directly in timeline


Bin: Sometimes tabbing not working from bin search to bin grid after searching via input field


Shortcuts: Undo/Redo option should be Keyboard Shortcuts also on Source Player


Shortcuts: Source Player waveform button misses the shortcut in tooltip


Shortcuts: MediaMgmt when navigating from eventlist navigation to event the focus is not transparent for the user


Copy Paste Audio only requires to unselect video track


Shortcuts: Source/Timeline Player enter TC input field should have cursors focus on left not right end of string


Search will return error when keyword contains dot (.)


MotionGraphics: AfterFX Comp with 29.97 fps cannot be added to timeline due to inaccurate validation


Still Images: Source Player displays thumbnail not configured shape


Transitions: After remove transition while moving video segment the transitions are still visible


Shortcuts: Source/Timeline Player leaving TC input field loses focus of main focus area


Shortcuts: Timeline Player mobile aspect ratios button misses the shortcut in tooltip


Shortcuts: Publish Button misses the shortcut in tooltip


Shortcuts: Enter on eventlist need to load Source Player


JKL - n click option must work as described in spec if player is in pause as well as in play mode


Add To Timeline: Add audio only adds a placeholder image instead of Waveform on channel 1


Voice Over: Saving VO will hit RequestEntityTooLarge error if VO is more than 10 seconds


Timeline Player often shows spinner wheel that does not disappear


Exception in console: Failed to execute 'endOfStream' on 'MediaSource'


Timeline: Feels slower after track hiding option implementation


Timeline Playhead and Timeline Player Playhead go out of sync after navigation in Timeline Player


Timeline: Snackbar on delete segment should not be shown


Evaluation of Input Params has to be updated when a different Workflow is selected


Search: On not supported items (fps not match timeline) the context menu is not having correct otions (greyed out options)


Bin: On partial items the add to timeline (partial, full) option is not working


Keyboard redesign: Bin / Search Context menu should indicate focused entry with darker grey


Remove the startAsUser in triggering workflow


Timeline preview player: timecode box is not matched with play head position


Image: adding Image to TL - Thumbnail not shown


Hide the more options button in the search project grid


Responsive Player: Doesn't show more button when no video is loaded


Player: Waveforms not displayed in audio selection


Trickplay frame / audio sample requested after move / trim


Unable to add Audio Cross Fade in the VO track via shortcut key


Support displayed column for FPS in project search to be able to sort by fps


Extend LogReport with Sequence Document Metadata History information

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